"Since that lost night..."

Stories of living your faith through service

An anonymous letter from a neighbor in need hits home the impact of faithful service…

Dear Volunteers of America,

It's been one year since I first contacted you, and I would like to inform you of all that has taken place since that lost night…

One year ago, I was homeless and sleeping wherever my daughter and I could. My health was also not good. Today, I feel good inside and out, mentally and physically. I am somebody again and I have learned to love me again. My daughter will graduate from high school next year; she has a 3.8 overall grade point average and ranks number 9 in her class. The following year I will graduate with an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

Thank you giving me hope, a place to live, peace of mind and an opportunity to heal. Thank you for holding me up so that I could go find and take back my life. Someone told me once that if you can just reach one person, then the journey was worth it. If you never reach another, know that you have reached me and I will never forget.

— Anonymous

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"Once you see the potential in kids, although they’ve been through a lot, you keep striving, and let them know that they can be all that God has called them to be.” — George