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What are community health workers?

Determined Health features Community Health Workers (CHW). They are frontline public health professionals who are trusted members of a community. This intimate relationship enables a CHW to serve as a liaison between health care professionals, social services and the community to empower those in need. They work to increase healthcare knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities, including: outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy.

At VOA, our CHWs are navigators, outreach agents and health education providers helping those in need access services while also increasing a patient’s confidence when interacting with providers.

Our Approach

Emphasizing Health Equity

We listen to the lived experiences of those we serve — understanding they come with a unique lived experience — and walk alongside them to ensure the care they receive fair and inclusive care.

Recognizing Social Determinants of Health

We understand there are multiple factors which impact a person’s health and well-being, and we strive to learn about those components — not shy away from them — so as to provide quality care.

Providing Care Where People Are

We strive to learn from the communities we serve, allowing us to effectively meet the need where it is as opposed to separating those in need from their support system because of inequitable access to services.

Recent News

Sharing the Impact of CCBHC’s

May 2023

VOA team members presented a poster at the National Council for Mental Well-Being’s annual conference in Los Angeles, sharing the success of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) at our programs in Massachusetts and the Chesapeake & Carolinas region.

L to R: Mindy Miller, VOA Massachusetts; Angela Eberle, VOA Massachusetts; Cindy Cota, VOA National Office

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Ameri Corps

VOA Awarded Second Year of Public Health AmeriCorps Grant

April 2023

VOA was granted a second year of funding by the Public Health AmeriCorps program to broaden the work of our Determined Health initiative. With a total of up to 22 members, CHWs will now be able to support communities in Chicago, Minnesota, Texas, Puerto Rico, and VOA’s National Office.

Aging With Options Kick-Off Event

April 2023

Alongside VOA Southeast Louisiana, the National Office team hosted a celebratory kickoff for VOA’s Aging with Options program at the Terraces on Tulane in New Orleans. In partnership with Humana and New Orleans East Hospital, this senior living facility will include a community health worker and wellness nurse assist to assist senior citizens at the site.

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