Family-Focused Recovery

Healing Families, Together

The number one cause of preventable death among pregnant and postpartum women is drug overdose. For more than 25 years, we’ve faced this issue head on. Now in half a dozen states, our pioneering family-focused recovery program is successfully integrating family therapy and prenatal services with substance use treatment plans to keep families together.

Learn how VOA is breaking the cycle of addiction and building healthier communities by watching the video.

An Approach That Works

Across the country, women face a growing opioid crisis. children — and families — are suffering.

In the last decade, opioid use among women giving birth has quadrupled, resulting in skyrocketing rates of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). At the same time, the nation’s foster care system continues to be overwhelmed. According to the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare, more than half of children under the age of one that are placed in out-of-home care is a result of a parent’s substance use disorder.

At VOA, we know mothers and children deserve better. Our unique, family-centric approach addresses how certain factors can lead to better outcomes, lower the risk of relapse, and decrease other drug-related and medical costs. In providing holistic services for moms and babies, we are reducing the number of newborns suffering from NAS and helping new moms maintain custody of their children. 

At our family-centric treatment programs:

WOMEN will complete their treatment early in pregnancy, secure employment, education and stable housing.

NEWBORNS will be born full-term with limited drug exposure while in the mother’s custody.

CHILDREN will reside or be reunified with their mother.

Achieving High-Level Impact Coupled with Cost-Efficient Measures

Our Impact:

  • Reduced number of kids placed in foster care
  • Increased employment rate for recovering mothers
  • Reduced rate of NAS births and NICU stays
  • Reduced rate of maternal overdoses
  • Prevention of HIV and other STIs
  • Reduced incarceration rates

Our Cost-Savings:

  • Fewer substance use disorder-related hospital costs for new moms
  • Fewer NICU days for newborns
  • Save on foster care costs for children

Leveraging VOA’s National Footprint

At our local offices, we are addressing the specific needs of the communities we serve. In understanding the need for family-focused recovery programs, VOA has successfully operated programs in five states: Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, and South Dakota.

The model is currently expanding into Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia, with additional programs being added in Georgia and Kentucky.



map of FFR programs nationwide

Family-Focused Recovery In Action

Freedom House

Louisville, KY

Since its creation in 1993, over 300 babies have been born drug-free to women at Freedom House, ensuring a healthy start to their lives. Additionally, 98% of respondents indicated they benefited from the services.

Addressing Inequity in Louisiana

New Orleans, LA

VOA and Humana researched the historic racial inequities in substance use disorder treatment programs. This cemented the importance of a culturally-responsive care framework.

Fresh Start Recovery Center

Indianapolis, IN

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Our Partners

Family-focused recovery would not be possible without the support of Humana and Quantified Ventures, two entities which have made it possible for VOA to expand family-centered treatment programs to meet the growing number of families in need.

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