Community Outreach Programs and Investment Services

What kind of society are we if we don’t help those who need it the most?

Every day, individuals and families in our communities are at risk of homelessness, hunger, and other life crises, unnoticed by society.

At Volunteers of America, we believe no problem is too small to assist individuals and families in need.

Through a variety of community outreach programs – including information and referrals, groceries, prepared meals, and thrift stores – we believe we can build healthy, thriving environments where all individuals can reach their full potential.

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“Just seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and knowing that their kids are fed, it’s very gratifying. I can’t wait until tomorrow to do it again because we’re truly making a difference in people’s lives.”

– Knyla Houston, Fresh Food Factor, Southeast Louisiana

You Can Help Fight Hunger.

Millions of Americans are struggling to feed their families, and their numbers are growing. Volunteers of America works in communities across the country responding to this crisis. Thanks to generous support, we’re providing meals, food, and essential services where it’s needed most.  

For over 125 years, we have done whatever it takes to care for the most vulnerable and feed the hungry. Your donation is vital to this response and will make a difference.

Here are examples of the relief and support a gift to VOA provides:​

Food and Essentials

Canned food, baby formula, and items not paid for by SNAP benefits, including diapers and feminine hygiene products.

School Lunch Programs

Prepared lunches for kids consisting of fresh fruits, juice boxes, water, sandwiches, and other nutritious snacks while school is closed.

Pop-Up Food Pantries

Boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, canned food, paper products such as toilet paper, and hygienic items are safely distributed to families in need.

Food for Isolated Older Adults

Hot meals are delivered to isolated and vulnerable older adults so they can continue living independently in their homes.

“As a single mom with two kids, I’m barely scraping by, and school clothes shopping is a hardship. I couldn’t do it without my local Volunteers of America’s thrift store.”

Melissa, Columbus, OH


Whether you are hunting for a hidden treasure or a designer dress at a fraction of the original cost, shopping at our thrift stores helps those in need.

Recent economic downturns have forced people to rethink their buying habits and, more importantly, their retail establishments. Long known for various goods at more attractive prices, Volunteers of America thrift shops provide consumers with what they need as they tighten their belts.

An added bonus to this retail gold mine for shoppers is that the money spent goes back into funding the many programs and services Volunteers of America provides to the more than 1.5 million people in communities across the nation.

For more information on donating items or shopping at our thrift stores, visit the following local offices:

You can also donate online, by phone, fax, or via mail to help support the same services our thrift stores fund.

Donate. Thrift. Give Hope. Repeat

Do you have unwanted items in your house? Donate your stuff to Volunteers of America. Every little bit counts. The clothes you don’t wear anymore, those pots and pans taking up space in your cabinets, somebody wants to buy them, and that money will go directly to someone in need.

Contact a local office to find out if they accept in-kind donations or offer community outreach services in your area.

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