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At Volunteers of America Los Angeles (VOALA), we see the potential in all people to rewrite the story they are living and build skills that will allow them to face challenges with positivity and resilience. Although the people we serve face extreme obstacles and have doubts about their future and the ability to improve it, they all have exceptional strength and potential. It’s our job to make sure that potential is realized.


schoolgirl eating outdoors next the school. Healthy school breakfast for child. Food for lunch, lunchboxes with sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and water.


VOALA services for children place an emphasis on Education, Literacy, and Health. The skills and confidence gained from our programs promote a stable home life and ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten and beyond. Working closely with the family unit and the community itself, we encourage the development of a positive narrative for our children providing internal voices of confidence, kindness, hope and accountability to building a stronger future.

Portrait of a teenage boy at school


With the help of family, school and community, today’s youth has a greater possibility of shifting their own futures to become self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow. Volunteers of America offers support and a wide variety of educational and empowerment services as well as scholarships to help young people in our communities become thriving adults.

Mom laughing with her son.


A strong family is the backbone of a healthy and productive community. With the main focus being stability and self–empowerment, our continuum of family services address Housing (emergency, transitional and permanent), Educational Needs, (classes in English (ESL), literacy assistance, assistance with college admissions), Health (recovery services, medical referrals, respite care, childcare, prenatal assistance), Employment (job training, employment referrals), and Basic Needs (life skills, benefits advocacy, parenting, child abuse prevention) through direct service delivery and providing access to resources.

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Women and children make up 76% of people living in poverty. We offer a wide variety of programs for women including female veterans, single mothers, victims of domestic violence, women challenged by substance use and young women coming out of the foster care system.  Our programs help women confront the negative societal messages about their potential and provide tools to help them become empowered and thrive.

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Our specialized programs for adults provide relief and support services to men and women in need. We implement best-practice program models that successfully meet the needs of people who are struggling with homelessness, alcoholism and drug addiction, and those who are returning to the community from the corrections system.

VOALA Recovery Services include Southern California Drug and Alcohol Programs (SCADP), which offers Court-Ordered, Outpatient, Residential and Transitional Sober Living programs throughout Los Angeles. www.scadpinc.org.

Army Veteran in Wheelchair


VOALA programs address the myriad issues facing Veterans and their families including depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, substance use disorders, homelessness, unemployment, and lack of education. Our support helps Veterans overcome the barriers that stand between them and a stable, secure life. Mental health, housing, employment and case management is at the core of our Veterans programs.

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