Emergency Services

Hunger comes in all shapes and sizes.

Operation Backpack

Help a child succeed. You can sponsor backpacks and school supplies for children in need.

Plant A Seed

Building a lasting legacy for healthy families served by VOA

Urgent Needs

You can change the life of someone facing homelessness in your community.

Emergency Services

Homelessness looks different than you'd imagine.

LPGA Partnership

Learn more about VOA’s meaningful partnership with the LPGA

We’re on a mission.

At Volunteers of America, we’re dedicated to helping those most in need live their best lives. From housing to healthcare to human services, our work touches the mind, bodies, hearts, and spirits of those we serve.

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Guided by the experience of more than 16,000 professionals living and working to make life better in their local communities, our plan for today and tomorrow is clear: transform lives by improving the health, happiness, and stability of our communities.


Access to quality healthcare is an essential part of any thriving, active community. Our goal is to provide 100% access to those who need it.


The key ingredient to living a healthy life is having a place to call home. We believe that a safe, affordable home is a basic human right.

Human Services

Focused on the unique needs of each of the communities we serve, we create and manage hundreds of life-changing programs and services.

VOA In Action

The mid adult female soldier meets with an unrecognizable female counselor at the family services center on the army post.

Shay Moral Injury Center

The Shay Moral Injury Center at Volunteers of America offers educational programs for the general public and service providers, such as mental health professionals, medical workers, chaplains, and clergy about moral injury, an affliction of conscience, identity, and meaning because of harm we cause, witness, or experience from others.

African American businesswoman communicating with female job candidate during a meeting in the office.

Futures Fund

Futures Fund is a social impact investment fund that supports the development and expansion of high impact health, housing and social service models and enterprises within Volunteers of America and as joint-venture partnerships with external community health entrepreneurs.

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, Mike King, Charlie Hull, Kathy Whitworth 2022 awards

LPGA Partnership

Every year, the Volunteers of America Classic provides a significant platform for us to spotlight our critically-important work helping those most in need for a global audience,” said Volunteers of America National President and CEO Mike King. “Thank you to the LPGA for continuing to partner with us, and helping us share the good news of our work with so many throughout the U.S. and around the world.

2 million meals and services for individuals experiencing homelessness.

7,000 seniors provided with skilled nursing care and assisted living.

5,000 children and their families received education services.

650,000 people received COVID relief.

17,500 people interrupted the cycle of addiction.

106,000 individuals experiencing homelessness cared for, housed and loved.

57,000 kids given opportunities they never would have imagined.

27,000 people housed in our affordable housing units.

28,000 peopled assisted with re-entry and the impacts of incarceration.

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