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Volunteers of America touches the lives of almost 1.5 million people in 400 communities across the United States each year. Since 1896, our highly-trained and dedicated staff numbered at over 16,000, and volunteer corps have worked not only to serve those in need but also have strived to innovate and transform the way in which these services are delivered.

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Since 1896, through hundreds of human service programs, including housing and healthcare, Volunteers of America helps 1.5 million people in over 400 communities in 46 states.

Housing Fact Sheet

We have over 20,000 affordable housing units in urban complexes, small rural developments, elderly housing, multifamily housing and housing for those with disabilities.

Veterans Fact Sheet

We proudly serve more than 27,000 veterans with support services and affordable housing, including over 10,000 homeless veterans.

VOA on FOX News

Could shipping containers, tiny homes, and unused crawlspaces help to end veteran homelessness? With 37,000 US Veterans in need of safe, affordable housing, Volunteers of America is actively pursuing creative solutions with surprising success. Watch as Lee Goldstein, Director of National Housing Initiatives for VOA, brings it home on a national FOX News interview.

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Washington Business Journal | Mike King Interview 2023

Moral Injury

Moral injury is a relatively recent term used to describe a crisis soldiers have faced for centuries, the internal suffering resulting from doing something against their moral code. In essence, it is a wound to the conscience. However, it is not just military members that can experience this. And what is this?

It is soul anguish, a broken spirit, a shredded soul.

Anyone who works with marginalized, at-risk populations has probably seen that empty stare that can be moral injury. People in poverty. People struggling with addiction. People whose daily lives and choices erode their feeling of being a good and decent person worthy of respect. People who carry unprocessed grief and guilt in ordinary life. People with stressful life-and-death-type situational jobs, such as police officers, doctors, and nurses. Because of things we do, witness is ordered to do, or fail to do in high-stakes situations. We can lose our moral foundations and sense of being good.

As one of the nation’s thought leaders in the #Moralinjury field, we dedicate our efforts in helping individuals who are battling with moral injury to overcome #TheWarInside.

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