Become A Facilitator

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Learn to care for yourself.
Learn to care for your peers.

Get trained to lead ReST group sessions with your peers


Why be a facilitator?

To be a VOA|ReST facilitator is an opportunity to support others by providing a space where people can find solace for grief, calm for stress, and strength within themselves. As a facilitator, you have the privilege of seeing the core goodness in people and being inspired by the courage they share in overcoming challenges and setbacks.

What Do Facilitators Do?

Deep Listening: VOA|ReST uses co-facilitation teams of up to two people who understand experiences and feelings of moral distress and guide the VOA|ReST process for the populations being served by the support groups.

Linking: Helping participants see the similarities among them

Unblocking: Intervening with kindness if participants start changing the subject or monopolizing the conversation

Affirming: Offering encouragement andreassurance that participants are being heard and supported

Summarizing: Bringing awareness to what’s happening when good things are taking place

What is a ReST Facilitator?

VOA|ReST uses co-facilitation teams of two peers who share the values and understand the context of frontline workers. ReST facilitators are trained for up to 8 hours in both the use of the online platform and in ReST co-facilitation.

Co-facilitation is a collaborative approach to creating a positive experience for your group. During ReST sessions, you will share the work of:

  • Establishing a friendly, caring, safe atmosphere
  • Modeling empathetic, compassionate deep listening
  • Making gentle interventions if problems arise
  • Managing time and participation
  • Insuring each hour ends on an uplifting note

How to be a Peer Facilitator?

After you apply, VOA will save your application until we need more volunteers. At that time, you will be contacted for an interview. You will receive a study manual which provides detailed information about moral distress and moral resilience; the goals of VOA | ReST; the skills required for being an effective co-facilitator; and a detailed guide on how to co-facilitate groups using our online platform.

New facilitator training involves recorded modules on using the technology platform, plus two hours of virtual hands-on training and practice with others learning the technology. Upon successful completion, you will receive up to five hours of live, online practice in group co-facilitation.

You will co-facilitate your initial VOA | ReST groups with an experienced trainer who will help to determine when you are ready to be certified. This usually occurs after 2 or 3 sessions. You will then be ready to co-facilitate groups with any other facilitators, and even facilitate alone for small groups of 1 or 2 participants.

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