Help Volunteers of America Weather Hurricane Florence

Help Volunteers of America Weather Hurricane Florence

Last year, Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, Nate and Maria devastated communities in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. Now Volunteers of America’s community of care needs your help to face the coming devastation of their successor-- Hurricane Florence.

You’ve read all about one of the most destructive hurricanes to hit the Carolinas in over sixty years, but do you know the incredible threat Hurricane Florence poses to ten Volunteers of America programs located in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia?

These are programs and facilities dedicated to helping the frail, elderly and disabled live out long lasting, fulfilling lives. While Volunteers of America is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the resident, the programs themselves remain vulnerable in the path of an unimaginably powerful storm.

You understand that these facilities and resources must be accessible within these communities after the storm has ended and the rebuilding has begun. By donating today, you will be ensuring that these critical resources will continue providing for anyone who needs them long after Florence has finally broken.

Your gift ensures seniors and the disabled will continue to receive integral housing and healthcare resources during a time when they’ll need them most. Through your generosity, Volunteers of America is strengthening these programs for the long road ahead— thank you for joining us on this first step toward recovery.