Helping America's most vulnerable™


Each year, Volunteers of America touches the lives of more than 2 million people.

Your kindness and generosity will be a welcome gift to someone in need. Your gift may provide such necessities as shelter and food and such life-renewing assistance as rehabilitation and counseling.


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    Donate Simply Online

    You can also choose to make a monthly gift, and you’ll know your donation is being put to work every single month to provide food, shelter, and help for someone who’s desperately waiting. Or make a Honor/Memorial Gift. Every dollar you give works harder because we have staff and volunteers on the ground, serving in the toughest neighborhoods.

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    Rush Help and Hope for the Holidays

    The holiday season should be a time of hope and joy, with all the comforts of home. But sadly, many families face hunger and homelessness this winter. For the poor and abused, every day brings a new struggle just to get by. As you count your blessings this season, will you find it in your heart to donate?

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    Shop Our Gift Catalog

    Our online Spirit of Giving Catalog is a chance to shop for gifts that mean more. Each item is an opportunity to provide hope to our neighbors in need from families struggling to keep a roof over their heads to children without enough food to eat. Choose a gift in honor of someone special and we’ll help convey your generosity by sending a beautiful eCard to the honoree.