From Chronically Homeless to Crying Tears of Joy

As employees of Volunteers of America, we are blessed to be able to witness miracle moments when we see just how much our support means for the veterans, seniors and families we serve. Here is one such moment:

Sitting down with a chronically homeless individual with no hope - but is a good person and is willing to help others before himself - and telling him that after thirteen years of living on the streets and being in and out of jail that we finally have a home for him was just miraculous. Watching his face drop to the floor and see a tear drop run down his cheek really made me realize how much we as staff mean to these individuals and families who walk through our doors to grab a bite to eat and a place to sleep.

**To protect the privacy of the people we serve, some photos used in our stories are representative, rather than actual depictions, of the individual(s) described.