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The Soul Repair Podcast

In this podcast, Dr. Susan Diamond and Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock bring to light a misunderstood trauma. In each episode, they will walk through the labyrinth that is moral injury, which is our human reaction to harm. This wound to the soul is often experienced through feelings of grief, remorse, shame, outrage and despair. Whether you have experienced moral injury, hope to help someone who has it, or want to learn more and advocate for others — this is a place for us all.

Join us as we seek pathways to bring light, healing, and peace into the labyrinth journey of Soul Repair: After Moral Injury.

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Dr. Rita N. Brock, RelM, PhD

Senior Vice President & Director of the Shay Moral Injury Center at Volunteers of AmericA

Rev. Dr. Susan Ward Diamond

Lead Pastor of Florence Christian Church,
Florence, KY


episode 1

What is Moral Injury?

episode 2

A Pandemic, Hate-Crimes, Murders, and an Insurrection: Have We All Got Moral Injury Now?

episode 3

When Patients Seem Like Enemies: The Moral Struggles of Healthcare Workers

episode 4

Moral Courage in the Face of War and Oppression

episode 5

Our Rescuers in Times of Trouble: First Responders and Soul Repair

episode 6

Soul Repair: Finding Goodness in Each Other

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