Soul Repair: Episode 4

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episode 4

Moral Courage in the Face of War and Oppression

Guests for this episode share how moral injury helped focus their
understandings of family legacies of war and violence; how it gave them a way to speak of their own combat experience; and how it enabled them to understand their struggle with racist systems as part of recovery. They describe how identifying moral injury enabled them to see it as a call to moral courage for all who care about a just and peaceful world.


Dr. Eyal Press is a journalist, sociologist, and author of Dirty Work: Essential Jobs
and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America.

Dr. Yuri Yamamoto is a healthcare chaplain, musician, and Christian minister and a
former geneticist and church music director.

Rev. Dr. Michael Yandell is a U.S. Army combat veteran, theologian, and senior
minister of First Christian Church, Greensboro, NC.

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