Soul Repair: Episode 3

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episode 3

When Patients Seem Like Enemies: The Moral Struggles of Healthcare Workers

Four healthcare professionals join hosts Rita and Susan to tell their stories of moral injury and how they coped with trying to save lives in dangerous conditions while worrying about themselves and those they love. With rare and moving honesty, they speak of how crushing it was to survive and cope with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, desperation, emptiness, grief, outrage, exhaustion, and a loss of faith. They also share what enabled them to keep offering the best care they could and to recover.


Ms. Jennifer Clark, Physician’s Assistant, and U.S. Air Force combat veteran
Ms. Melanie Pass Park, Emergency Room Nurse Administrator
Ms. Joanne Samuels, Thoracic Intensive Care Nurse
Ms. Stephanie Tewes, Physical Therapist

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