Soul Repair: Episode 2

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episode 2

A Pandemic, Hate-Crimes, Murders, and an Insurrection: Have We All Got Moral Injury Now?

Continuing the conversation begun in Episode 1 with their four guests hosts Rita and Susan invite them to reflect on how the multiple catastrophes since January 2020 have led to new, far-reaching applications of moral injury well beyond the impact of war on veterans. They explore the richness of the term and its power in focusing on suffering that needs addressing, and they also raise cautions about dilutions of its meaning from overuse or misapplications of it.


Dr. Aristotle Papanikolau, Professsor of Theology and Co-Founder and Co-Director
of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University

Rev. Dr. Brian Powers, U.S. Air Force veteran and Assistant Professor, Vann Fellow
in Christianity and the Armed Forces, and Executive Director of the International
Centre for Moral Injury at Durham University, UK

Rabbi Nancy Wiener, Founding Director of the Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Center for
Pastoral Counseling; Dr. Paul and Trudy Steinberg Distinguished Professor in
Human Relations at Hebrew Union College and Jewish Institute of Religion

Dr. Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon, Senior Research Analyst, The Intelligence Project,
Southern Poverty Law Center and former Lecturer in Religion and Assistant
Director, Center for Principled Problem Solving and Excellence in Teaching at
Guilford College

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