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Police cope with stress and trauma

WUSA9, Washington D.C.

Amid rising crime rates in Washington D.C., WUSA9 spotlights the affects of moral injury among first responders and veterans, including those who are still reeling from the January 6th insurrection riots.

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First Responder Wellness Podcast

Ep. 9, What Is Moral Injury?

Dr. Rita Brock was the featured guest on the First Responder Wellness Podcast, hosted by award-winning documentarian Conrad Weaver, to outline the difference between moral injury and PTSD.

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Advocating for the HEROES Act

ABC 7 News, Washington D.C.

ABC 7 News discussed the ever-growing importance of the HEROES Act that would support the ongoing mental health crises that first responders face every day.

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Communities Across South Florida Honor National Police Week

NBC6 Miami

NBC6 has more on how several agencies, including VOA’s ReST 4 First Responders program, are helping first responders who may be in need.

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First Responders Find Help Through VOA|ReST

EMS1 Network

Director of VOA’s Shay Moral Injury Center Dr. Rita Brock opines on the crisis facing first responders across the country and the gap for help that VOA|ReST is addressing.

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Badge of Honor Podcast

Ep. 24, VOA First Responder ReST Program

Staff from VOA Florida discussed VOA|ReST 4 First Responders on the Badge of Honor Podcast, delving into how this program is serving first responders in Florida.

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EMS Improv: The Good in You Is Wanting Out Again

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services Podcast 

Director of VOA’s Shay Moral Injury Center Dr. Rita Brock and VOA|ReST facilitator James Wong spoke about moral injury, seeking connection, compassion and love.

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Dr. Brock

January 6th Mental Impacts

WJLA Washington D.C.

It will be two years since the January 6th insurrection, and since that deadly day, Americans have seen the effects of that experience on Capitol Police officers and Hill staffers. Dr. Rita Brock joined WJLA with insight into the lasting mental health impacts.

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Help Now Available for Cops with Moral Injuries

Police Magazine 

While many understand the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder on veterans, police officers and other first responders, that is different than moral injury. Director of the Shay Moral Injury Center Dr. Rita Brock and VOA|ReST Program Manager Anne Forester discussed the benefits and necessity of VOA|ReST in Police Magazine.

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VOA Helps Homeless, Elderly, and Children Across the Nation

FOX News Channel

Volunteers of America spent Christmas afternoon with Fox News Media, sharing how VOA empowers communities by serving veterans, first responders, children, and families during the holidays.

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Firefighters Team Standing Against Clear Sky

First Responders Support

WJLA Washington D.C.

The holidays can be an extremely stressful for first responders, with many reporting burnout during this season. Dr. Rita Brock joined WJLA to discuss how VOA plans to support these important emergency workers.

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Colorado first responders explore solutions to ‘moral distress’

Denver 7

First responders save lives for a living, often at a cost to their well-being. Denver 7 News explained how VOA|ReST 4 First Responders combats the moral injury and burnout experienced by frontline caregivers in Colorado.

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Who cares for those who care for us? The mental health crisis among first responders

KDFW Dallas 

Burnout and mental health difficulties are at a crisis point among first responders. CBS Texas shared how VOA|ReST 4 First Responders is caring for those who care for us.  

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Supporting Veterans Battling Moral Injury

VA News

VA features the work of VOA|ReST 4 Veterans to build resilience and overcome challenges they face in confronting moral injury.

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A Mental Health Break: Switching Worlds After Struggling to Understand

Mental Health Break Podcast 

Drawing from her own experience, Dr. Rita Brock shared how overwhelmed Americans can manage moral distress, including children as they begin school again, on A Mental Health Break Podcast. She had a hand in developing VOA|ReST 4 First Responders to help frontline workers who are suffering from moral injury and moral distress.

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Volunteers of America Launches ReST for First Responders


“They’re the first frontline on anything disastrous and harmful happening to people,” says Dr. Rita Brock. Nexstar D.C. explores how VOA|ReST serves first responders in light of high resignation and low recruitment nationwide.  

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