Assistance with Basic Needs

Basic needs assistance: Helping individuals and families in their time of need

Our approaches in basic needs assistance mixes intervention, rehabilitation, and prevention work together to ensure that people in crisis don’t stay that way. During personal hardships and emergencies, Volunteers of America addresses immediate needs, offers long-term support when necessary, and educates with prevention outreach programs.


Volunteers of America have a long history of providing basic needs assistance such as food and clothing. Food pantries and assistance with work and interview clothes can be found across the nation in various Volunteers of America programs.

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Project Esperanza

Volunteers of America staff, affiliates, national office, and national services volunteered in unison to go to Puerto Rico to work with survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, providing basic needs such as medicine, food, and clothing.

As well as bringing basic supplies for residents, the staff from Volunteers of America have improvised a clinic and are also providing first aid.”
It was like a big family. We never felt, as old people, we would be thrown away.”

—Quotes from VOA staff & evacuees.

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Since those early days, Volunteers of America has grown into one of the largest and most effective nonprofit housing organizations in the nation.

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