Providing Stability for a Veteran and Her Kids

My name is Tasha Rogers. I reside at Blue Butterfly Village with my two children. My son is 3 months old and my daughter is 2 years old. I served in the Army as a supply sergeant for five years and was deployed to Kosovo right after 9/11 and was there for about five months.

After I finished my service, I found myself homeless and hopeless with my daughter and pregnant with my son but the mere thought of residing at Blue Butterfly Village gave me hope to keep going.

I moved to Blue Butterfly Village in November of 2015 and since moving here I now have the stability needed for my family. I have been able to take advantage of the Head Start program offered by VOALA which gives me the opportunity to focus on continuing my education and am now enrolled in school as a fulltime student.

Living here also affords me the opportunity to better myself financially and provides a sense of peace and motivation to work towards my short and long term goals that will ultimately help me be successful. It also provides me with the foundation to one day purchase a home of my own. Blue Butterfly Village also offers a vast amount of resources which have helped my family and I tremendously and we truly appreciate it all.

Thank you Blue Butterfly Village for all your support and the dedication to changing the lives of us wounded veterans!

– The Rogers family

Blue Butterfly Village is also generously supported by grants from The Home Depot Foundation.

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