Futures Fund

To grow its community impact in the 21st century, VOA is investing in its capacity to innovate, pilot and scale the initiatives that are helping to resolve some of the country’s most systemic issues. To share these investment opportunities with like-minded foundations, corporations and donors, VOA launched the Futures Fund in 2018. This high-impact investment strategy provides grants, loans and equity to VOA affiliates across the country to test new ideas, launch social enterprises, and expand successful services. 

As of December 2019, over $400,000 has been invested. These funds are leveraged by other local and national resources as well as VOA’s own equity. As a result, school-based behavioral health services are being expanded in northern Louisiana, resident support services funded by Medicaid are being implemented for the first time in eastern Washington, and a regional distribution center is scaling up to serve over 200 more partner agencies in Virginia and the Carolinas.

 Innovation facilitated with unique capital resources like the Futures Fund wouldn’t be possible without the support of forward-thinking foundations and mission-oriented finance partners. Our friends at Niagara Bottling have been invaluable in setting that bar at Volunteers of America. If YOU are looking to safely invest in transformational social enterprises, contact Stephen Samuels, Senior Director of Social Impact Capital, for more information ssamuels@voa.org.