Together, We Can Help Veterans in Local Communities Throughout the Country

  • 1 in 5 homeless Americans is a veteran

  • 67, 495 veterans are homeless on any given night

  • The # of homeless Vietnam-era veterans is greater than the # of service persons who died during that war
    Do these statistics upset and shock you? They should.
      The men and women of our armed forces fought for freedom in the world’s most dangerous places. When our veterans return home after years spent in harm’s way, they deserve a home of their own, the support of their loved ones and the ability to earn a decent living.

      But for tens of thousands of veterans, this is a dream deferred. After multiple deployments, veterans are returning with a host of mental and physical injuries. Too many follow a downward trajectory that ends in homelessness.

      In 46 cities in 20 states, Volunteers of America has been serving the needs of America's veterans since World War I. We know from experience that the issues our returned veterans face are unique from community to community. But, while the issues are daunting, they are not insurmountable. And you can - and did - help. How?
      Many of you joined this important national conversation and told us your ideas to help the veterans who served and protected us.

      There are amazing examples of neighbors coming together to help veterans in their communities. Inspiring ideas range from collecting food for disbursement to needy military families to taking veterans sailing to experience the joy of nature while renewing their spirits to a college writer's workshop to help veterans using the GI Bill not be overwhelmed by using a pencil versus a rifle. View the winning idea and all of the ideas submitted and become inspired to help veterans in your communities.

      Help us weave a safety net around veterans that returns them to their communities that they valiantly helped protect.