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Moral Injury Certificate Program (MICP) – A ten-week online course for spiritual caregivers, chaplains, social workers, clinicians, and educators seeking to integrate moral injury-informed care in their work and communities. Certificate of completion offered and continuing education units available.

SPRING 2024 Session: February 5 – April 26, 2024 | Sliding Scale: $600 – $800

FALL 2024 Session: SEPTEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 20, 2024 | Sliding Scale: $600 – $800

Moral Injury Recovery in the Aftermath of COVID (MIRAC) – A seven-hour, trauma-informed, interfaith and interactive online course for chaplains, clergy and caregivers that includes firsthand experience in recovery strategies. 

Contact the Shay center for upcoming trainings or interest in partnering to bring mirac to your workplace or community.

Webinars – Offered throughout the year on topics related to moral injury and recovery in various populations. Recordings are posted online

Conferences – Designed to expand and connect the community of people working on moral injury. They are held biennially to gather leading scholars and researchers with others wanting to learn more about moral injury.


VOA|ReST (Resilience-Strength-Time) is designed to alleviate the pain, suffering and isolation that accompany existential crises resulting from moral conflicts that are well known to devastate mental health and wellbeing.

VOA|ReST uses confidential, small support groups facilitated by trained peer specialists who understand moral healing and offer both the compassion and space needed to process negative moral emotions.

VOA|ReST Virtual is a confidential, group process that supports resilience in people struggling with isolation, fatigue, frustration, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy or failure.

VOA|ReST Immersive alleviates moral distress and supports people’s resilience through a day long, small-group, peer-facilitated process within a workplace or organization.

VOA|ReST Intensive is an evidence-based, 50-hour program that helps people process their moral injury through peer-facilitated small groups and a variety of recovery strategies.

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