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Volunteers of America, Utah is a human services nonprofit organization with hundreds of paid staff who serve more than 10,000 people across the state each year through programs addressing homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence. Thousands of volunteers and partners join with us to accomplish our mission to reach and lift those in greatest need.


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Youth Resource Center

The Youth Resource Center provides meals, emergency shelter, case management, and support for homeless and at-risk teens ages 15-22.

Volunteering for the Community

Youth Empowered Solutions to Succeed

The YESS programs provides services to youth ages 16-25 who have serious mental health disorders and are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

Homeless Community Outreach

Volunteers of America, Utah works to meet clients in the community, offering outreach services across Salt Lake City.

Geraldine E. King Women’s Center

The Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center is an emergency temporary shelter with on-site supportive services to help women experiencing homelessness resolve their immediate housing crisis and return to stable housing. The Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center is now open.

Men’s Detox Center

Our Men’s Detoxification Center is a residential program where homeless and low-income men can safely detoxify from alcohol and/or drugs before seeking further substance abuse treatment.

Center for Women & Children

Our Center for Women & Children provides the support that homeless & low-income women need to complete the detoxification process, take care of their children, and move towards self-sufficiency.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment program provides support through individual and group therapy while giving teens a safe space to progress and respond to treatment.

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Adult Substance Abuse Treatment

The Adult Substance Abuse Treatment program provides structure and support for adults struggling with substance abuse through both individual and group therapy.

Youth Mental Health

Individual and family therapy for children and teens.

Adult Mental Health

An outpatient program for adults looking for more structure and support.

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Assertive Community Treatment

Mobile psychiatric treatment services to individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Volunteering for the Community

Youth Mentoring Program

Our Amplified Mentoring Program supports positive youth outcomes by building trusting relationships between youth and healthy adults and by teaching life skills that foster growth and self-sufficiency.

Botvin Life Skills Training (LST)

One of the most proven and celebrated youth programs in the world, LST provides young people with the confidence and skills necessary to handle challenging situations. Students in 5th through 10th grade classrooms participate in 8 to 10 sessions exploring decision-making skills, communication, refusing negative peer pressure, the risks of prescription drug misuse, to provide guidance for making healthy choices and staying safe.

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Living Skills

Created at Volunteers of America, Utah’s Cornerstone Counseling Center, Living Skills has been cited by the U.S. Department of Education as one of the “20 Most Effective Programs” for youth. Children ages 6 to 11 are invited to attend small, weekly skills groups that cover topics such as: self-concept, cooperation, and expressing feelings in healthy ways. The program is provided as a pull-out group during the school day, in after-school programs, and at various community sites.

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The Voices program helps adolescents build essential life skills and positive peer connections during a pivotal time of change and growth. Youth ages 10 to 17 are invited to attend small, weekly skills groups that cover topics such as: self-concept, managing difficult feelings, creating healthy friendships and refusing negative peer pressure. The program is provided as a pull-out group during the school day, in after-school programs, and at various community sites.

Domestic Violence Services

Volunteers of America, Utah’s Domestic Violence Program uses a trauma informed approach to address intimate partner violence, anger management, interpersonal communication, healing from traumatic experiences, and other issues related to domestic violence. 

PRIME for Life DUI Class

Volunteers of America, Utah provides an affordable option to take your court-ordered PRIME for Life course online.

Volunteers of America Utah

Volunteers of America Utah inspire self-sufficiency, dignity, and hope by providing critical health and human services to thousands of vulnerable individuals and families across Utah.

At Volunteers of America Utah we never give up! And we hope you won’t give up on us.

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