Help Make New Beginnings Possible

Since 1896, Volunteers of America has been answering God’s call to transform lives by reaching and uplifting America’s most vulnerable. We seek to serve the needs of the whole person—mind, body and spirit—by bringing together the human service agency and the church.

Our Ministry of Service, known as a church without walls, we are feeding hungry families, sheltering homeless and providing spiritual support for over one million people around the country. We lead with faith and service, shaping a better future for the neighbor in need, their family, and their community.​ Last year, VOA helped serve over 30,000 veterans last year and provides 4,000 beds for homeless veterans every night.

“We give thanks to God.”

-Colossians 1:3

Your generosity goes a long way. Give a fresh start to someone still suffering. Your contribution goes right to work meeting urgent needs and providing counseling, spiritual support and healing.

Meet James Marshall

We are very blessed to have James Marshall, serving as our new Chief Ministry Officer.

Get to know more about James in this beautiful video he created for us to share with everyone.

Welcome, James!

A State of Mind, Confronting our Mental Health Crisis

The Lone Wolf: From Addiction to Recovery. This episode explores substance abuse, tracing the journey of several people who overcome their addiction.



Feeding School Kids

As schools shut down during the pandemic, VOA Southeast Louisiana has fed thousands of kids who would otherwise go hungry. Through their Fresh Food Factor Program, they are delivering 10,000 meals, six days a week. “It is an awesome experience,” says Fresh Food Factor’s Knyla Houston. “Just seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, and knowing that their kids are fed, it’s very gratifying. I can’t wait until tomorrow to do it all over again because we’re truly making a difference in people’s lives.”

Help Hungry Neighbors

The economic fallout from Covid-19 has left millions of Americans without enough food to feed their families. The number of people facing hunger and coming for help at VOA is growing and many of those are children. We do whatever it takes to care for the most vulnerable and feed the hungry, like our outdoor pop-up food pantries that are safely distributing groceries to families in need.

Worship Service

Join our weekly worship service. Join us every Sunday at 11 a.m. EST for an interdenominational worship service streamed live from Gulf Coast Village, a Volunteers of America Continuing Care Retirement Community in Cape Coral, Florida.

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