Abiathar Carroll Discusses the Concept of Moral Injury

Abiathar Carroll, a veteran from Chicago, discusses how the concept of Moral Injury will help him in his job and how attending a Volunteers of America conference impacted him.

Video Transcript

So my name is Abiathar Carroll and I attended the conference. This is a great conference due to the fact of some of the work that I'm trying to do in the city of Chicago. Moral injury, as I learned about it a few months ago has been interesting and exciting. And now I come to the conference where I've learned great things, and as I break them down when I get back, they will be successful. In not only just helping the Veteran population, and those who are incarcerated. But I also want to be able to utilize this for gains, and how they are associated with men of war, like Veterans and all that. So this has been exciting. I've learned quite a bit. And it's been so exciting that my pencil just keeps writing by itself. And thank you. And you should come to our next one. Thank you very much.