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  • Helping More Than 2 Million People

    Our mission to help America’s most vulnerable was realized again this past year through the more than 2 million people we served. We recognize that in today’s world so many things seem uncertain. And yet, one thing that is certain is that Volunteers of America will be shining a light on America’s most vulnerable in every community it touches nationwide.

  • Specialized Training Employment Program

    With Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada’s Specialized Training Employment Program (STEP), employers can now hire with the assurance that pre-screened candidates have undergone specialized training to help ensure higher employee retention and reduced turnover.

  • Adolescent Treatment Services

    Each year Volunteers of America Alaska provides inpatient (ARCH) and outpatient (Assist) treatment services to over 600 adolescents and their families. Their programs offer chemically dependent adolescents the skills needed to eliminate their reliance on drugs and alcohol and the tools necessary to build and maintain strong, healthy futures.

  • Volunteers of America Alaska Programs and Services

    Volunteers of America Alaska is a ministry of service committed to building healthy lifestyles by producing quality services and celebrating opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others. They began providing residential substance abuse treatment for adolescents in 1981. Their services have grown to include programs that meet the needs of children, families and seniors.

  • Helping Veterans in Need

    Upon Danny's return home from serving our country, he found himself emotionally changed and facing the challenges that many other veterans do. At Hope Manor I, a home for veterans in Chicago, Danny is learning how to transition back into civilian life with the supportive care of Volunteers of America Illinois.

  • Affordable Housing for the Elderly

    Through their commitment to providing quality, affordable housing for seniors and adults with disabilities, Volunteers of America of Illinois provides a safe and supportive environment for these individuals who, with limited resources, are often forced to live in substandard and unsafe conditions.

  • Learn How Volunteers of America Chesapeake Helps the Homeless

    Volunteers of America Chesapeake offers care and compassion to individuals facing homelessness by providing people in need food to eat and a warm place to stay. Then they help them find permanent housing and give them the tools they need to lead successful lives.

  • Our Work with CBS EcoMedia Inc.

    Volunteers of America and CBS EcoMedia are working together to identify and realize environmental improvement projects in low-income housing nationwide.

  • Providing Affordable Housing and Vital Support Services

    As one of the nation's largest nonprofit providers of quality, affordable housing, we provide - not only safe, affordable housing - but also the vital support services needed to thrive.

  • Providing Dental Care to Kids in Need at Volunteers of America of Upstate New York

    At the Dental Center, young patients in need receive dental checkups to help them maintain the health of their teeth and gums. Thanks to a gift from the Major League Baseball Players Trust, the dental clinic opened in Rochester in 2013. Watch as our tiny tots learn how to care for their teeth!