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  • Award-Winning Childhood Education Programs

    Volunteers of America Colorado Branch offers high quality early childhood education to students 3 to 5 years old. They are proud to provide the best environment for children to learn and have received a 4-Star Colorado Shines Rating.

  • This is Why We Do What We Do™

    Over 560,000 Americans are homeless, 42.2 million people go hungry each night and 43.1 million Americans live in poverty. We help 1.5 million people a year.

  • Thank You

    Your generous donation helps us make a difference in the lives of millions of people across the country each year. Thank you.

  • Volunteers of America Texas - Helping Veterans Succeed

    At Volunteers of America Texas, they not only help with rehousing but offer case management services that increase veterans' likelihood of employment and improved income. They also provide medical and mental health referrals, child care and much more. With help from Volunteers of America Texas, veterans Ana and Josh were able to find jobs and stay in their home with their young son, Chris.

  • Volunteers of America Illinois - Improving the Experience for Those Needing Assistance

    "My worst day is not as bad as some of our clients' every day experiences. Especially with the kids." An employee of Volunteers of America Illinois explained this when describing her work with foster children. Learn more about the veterans, foster kids and seniors Volunteers of America Illinois helps daily.

  • Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin Offers Waves of Hope to Those in Need

    At Volunteers of America, we aim to create waves of hope for our clients. Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin CEO Paula Hart, expresses the impact hope can have on clients' lives.

  • The Home Depot Foundation Improves a Korean Veteran's Home

    See the amazing work of Team Depot's volunteers as they make improvements to veteran Emmitt's Colorado home. Now he can age in place safely and comfortably. Thank you, The Home Depot Foundation, for all your incredible support! Video directed by Doug Gritzmacher.

  • Utilizing Data to Better Serve Our Clients

    Do our frail residents see the doctor regularly? How many tenants have to move because of declining health? How do we know if our services are truly making a difference? These questions led us to create a national initiative, called the National Outcomes Project, to help build our data collection capacity and make our work more "data-driven."

  • Volunteers of America's National Veterans Resource Squad

    Learn about the Volunteers of America National Veterans Resource Squad, a group of 17 Volunteers of America employees who are also veterans or active members of the military. The squad's chosen mission is to end veteran suicide across the country.

  • Volunteers of America's 2015 Annual Report

    Most of our clients have experienced moral injury. When we meet them in their moments of devastation, their urgent needs are our priority. Through our work, we help America's most vulnerable rebuild a moral identity with the strength they need to move forward.