Volunteers of America of Illinois' Foster Care Program

Volunteers of America Illinois' philosophical approach to Child Welfare Services is anchored to a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the importance of preserving children's attachments. Their interventions are designed to minimize the trauma and subsequent separation and loss issues experienced by children who are removed from their birth families. Their Foster Care Program is supported by an active Foster Parent Recruitment, Licensing and Training Program that works diligently and in partnership with the communities they serve to generate committed, compassionate and well-trained foster homes to meet the unique and often challenging needs of foster children.

Meet one of their beautiful foster families.

Video Transcript

Romayne Pollard: I joined the Navy when I was 20. Once I retired and I became a foster dad, that is actually the best part of my life. I absolutely love it. I never thought that I would be a foster parent. Circumstances happen. My cousin was homeless. She's partially handicapped, and she's also cognitively delayed, so it was already determined that she probably would not be able to raise the baby.

Volunteers of America Illinois, everyone came out, and they supported us. I'm happy to be able to be in that position where I can provide that stability. I can provide that love. I had this tree planted the year that Duey was born, and so that way we'll be able to watch this tree grow with Duey.