Sit ‘n Sleep Donates Mattresses to Volunteers of America Los Angeles

Sit ‘n Sleep, one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States with locations throughout Southern California, recently donated mattresses to residents of Volunteers of America Los Angeles’ Blue Butterfly Village, a community for veteran families who once experienced homelessness.

With support from Sit 'n Sleep, Volunteers of America Los Angeles' Blue Butterfly Village is providing housing - and hope - to homeless veterans and their families.

Video Transcript

Larry Miller, Founder and CEO of Sit 'n Sleep: There's so many wonderful veterans that have sacrificed their time, their family, their bodies, and their minds for the sake of keeping America free. And then, what happens to them afterwards, they come back, and we've dropped the ball.
Karl Calhoun, Director, Veteran Services, Volunteers of America Los Angeles:
Southern California is the Mecca for veteran homelessness in the nation. We have roughly 3,500 to 4,000 veterans homeless on the street any given night.
Classy Spicer, Veteran, U.S. Army:
I was in the U.S. Army Reserve. I went in right after high school, 2011, and I got out in 2015.
Shenick Covington, Community Administrator, Blue Butterfly Village : Many of our veteran families, they return from duty with minimal resources. Most of them feel that they're all alone when they are going through this homelessness.
Classy Spicer:
I was so low, and I was so down. I didn't really think that it was going to get any better.
Karl Calhoun:
Many of the shelters do not allow children, so those families face a real challenge in terms of providing stabilizing services.
Karl Calhoun:
Blue Butterfly was created to address those challenges.
Shenick Covington:
Blue Butterfly Village is a community for veteran families who once experienced homelessness.
Larry Miller:
When I drove up to Volunteers of America's Blue Butterfly Village, I was amazed by its scope, its quality, these beautiful homes, and the environment that helps veteran families get up off of where they were. Whether they're on the streets, whether they're at a shelter, this is a wonderful launching place for their new life.
Classy Spicer:
I grew up in foster care, so I always told myself when I had my own kids, I would make sure they had everything that I did not have. And as a mother, you don't want anything other than your kids to be safe.
Classy Spicer:
That's all I want. To be able to come into a gated community, and my own place, and I know we're safe here, it's the best thing in the world and the best feeling in the world.
Larry Miller:
I care about fellow man. I care about people living a better life. I'd like to get people off the streets, and it's an honor and privilege to be able to provide these families with great mattresses so that they can get a great night's sleep, be strong, have great mental acuity the next day. Go to work, take care of their children, take care of their families.
Larry Miller:
Our business is sleep, and for us to donate part of that business to the community where we provide the greater Southern California area with, was really wonderful.