Thanks for Taking Our Quiz

Amazing right? Thanks for taking the quiz and for learning more about our mission.

Here's the answers:

1. Volunteers of America helps how many people annually?

  • 40,000
  • 500,000
  • 1,400,000
  • 100,000

2. Volunteers of America has helped:

  • 101,000 homeless individuals
  • 11,000 people with disabilities
  • 20,000 veterans
  • all of the above

3. Volunteers of America has been serving the community for how many years?

  • 60
  • Over 120
  • 28
  • 82

4. Which of these services does Volunteers of America provide?

  • housing
  • senior living and care
  • basic needs and more
  • all of the above

At Volunteers of America, we care for people who feel abandoned, who have given up all hope. We care for the homeless and the developmentally disabled. We care for our veterans, frail older adults and seniors, formerly incarcerated individuals, people struggling with addictions, children, youth and families and so many more.

We are so thrilled that you have joined our family through our #BacktoBasics campaign. Welcome to the family.

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