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VOA | ReST, frontline care workers featured on FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.

The stress placed on frontline care workers during the pandemic, and the ways in which VOA | ReST can help, were the focus of a story that aired on FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.

Watch the Fox 5 interview here.

Dr. Rita Nakashima discusses moral injury on WebMD

Dr. John White, the Chief Medical Officer at WebMD, interviews Dr. Nakashima in his series "Coronavirus In Context." They discuss moral injury to care workers and how VOA | ReST can provide relief through peer support.

Watch the interview on WebMD here.

Dr. Rita Nakashima interviewed by CNN about moral injury & COVID-19

Anchor Brooke Baldwin talks with Dr. Brock about the ways moral injury affects nurses, healthcare workers and many others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the CNN interview here.

Program That Helps Veterans Deal With Trauma Helps Health Care Workers Strained by Pandemic

A Volunteers of America frontline care worker and Iraq War veteran in Los Angeles shares her story of how VOA|ReST helped her and allowed her to continue helping others.

Watch the NBC story here.

There Are Words To Describe What’s Happening To Our Health Workforce - And Burnout Is Not It

“As Dr. Rita Brock, Director of the Shay Moral Injury Center at Volunteers of America paints the picture, ‘the fight against the coronavirus is strikingly similar to battlefield medicine: desperate and unrelenting encounters with patients, an environment of high personal risk, an unseen lethal enemy, extreme physical and mental fatigue.’”

Read the Forbes article here.

Our work helping fontline care workers with moral distress has also been featured by

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