2015 Annual Fund Drive

Every dollar you give multiplies an amazing 8 times!

The helpless. The hopeless. The people who think they’ve run out of options. These neighbors deserve our help. But first, they need your compassion.

And thanks to our network of volunteers and partners, your generosity will provide eight times the amount of good for so many people!

Whatever you give will be multiplied EIGHT TIMES in impact to help children and families in need. For instance, $50 will provide an amazing $400 worth of life-changing help to neighbors facing hard times.

We’re ready to act on your behalf. Will you send help today?


Your gift will provide support to your neighbors in need. To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be combined with other funds and used where it is most needed in your local community. We thank you for your compassion and generosity.