Housing Funds

As the affordable housing and health crisis has continued to unfold across the country, the VOA housing division, known as Volunteers of America National Services (VOANS), has taken a proactive role to scale up its housing production for families, seniors, veterans and individuals with special needs. In 2016, VOANS deployed a very intentional strategy to raise new enterprise level capital in order to leverage public partners and successfully compete against market trends that are displacing and pricing out low-income residents and vulnerable populations. This mission-driven resource, known as the Quick Strike Fund, was initially capitalized with over $6.5 million from five different corporate finance and philanthropic partners. As of December 2019, this capital has been deployed into six projects comprised of 750 mixed-income housing units. Over half are eligible only to residents making less than 60% of the area median income (AMI).

As one of the few national non-profits with extensive expertise in both senior housing and healthcare, VOANS is uniquely positioned to develop new and innovative solutions that help the rapidly growing population of low-income seniors in the United States live longer, healthier lives. In addition to its extensive portfolio of over 15,000 housing units, VOANS also owns and manages healthcare facilities in 9 states, including 12 skilled nursing facilities and 9 assisted living facilities. Now, every new VOANS housing project is integrating health & wellness services to help residents age in place and reduce dependency on high cost hospital stays. Investment opportunities exist to partner with VOA to build and preserve these units, and insure our residents age with grace.

Be part of the affordable housing & health solution!

If you are looking to safely invest in a health and housing mission, contact Stephen Samuels, Senior Director of Social Impact Capital, for more information. ssamuels@voa.org