COVID-19 Crisis: Ways to Help

Thanks to generosity of supporters like you, Volunteers of America is helping millions of individuals and families in communities like yours to get food, shelter and the critical services they need during the coronavirus pandemic. People served include those experiencing homelessness, veterans, vulnerable older adults, families escaping domestic violence and at-risk youth.​

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Your support is URGENTLY needed to quickly and safely assist people in crisis during this extraordinary time. Your compassion changes lives and provides round-the-clock care for seniors, veterans, children, families and more. Here's what your gift could provide:​

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    Help Kids Get Ready to Learn

    School is different this year. And the need for supplies is now greater than ever. Prepare a disadvantaged child for school with your gift today. Your donations can provide pencils, notebooks, kits, and other support that give a child the chance to make it a great school year!

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    Moral Injury Affects Healthcare Workers

    Our Senior Vice President of Moral Injury and Director of the Shay Moral Injury Center, Volunteers of America, Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock speaks to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on how moral injury affects nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and others during the COVID-19 pandemic and how VOA is helping those in the frontlines.

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    Getting "Closer!"

    VOA's new video and PSA, "Closer," has never been more timely. It beautifully depicts how we are getting "closer" in new and inventive ways during this time of social distancing and quarantine. VOA continues to work on the front lines in an effort to keep clients and residents safe, in the hope we will all be able to get closer sooner than later!

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