FY19 Digital Strategy Items to Potentially Work On

Items we would like to potentially work on in FY19 include the following:

  1. Affiliates' Google Analytics (GA) and Tag Manager Issues. Our affiliates' GA implementation on Blackbaud isn't set up 100% correctly and should really be fixed to accurately reflect dollars raised in GA. Additionally, we have been receiving quite a few requests from the affiliates to implement pixel code/tracking code on their sites and an easy way to accomplish this would be to set up Tag Manager accounts for all affiliates.
  2. Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand's message to the larger market. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential donors, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. Influencer marketing is about growing your audience and leveraging the voice of well-connected people even if they may not have the biggest audience/following. A case study can be found here.
  3. Donation form updates. We would like to make updates and improvements and do more testing of our main donation form. Since versions of this form are also in use by some affiliates, any improvements would be rolled out to their forms as well.
  4. Inbound Marketing Automation. Currently we use HubSpot's lowest tier option to create slide-in upon scroll, etc. type email sign-up boxes and to help track conversions and daily sign-ups on voa.org. In FY19, we would like to explore using this tool more.
  5. Donor Preference Center. We would like to pursue creating a donor preference center that would be rolled out to all affiliates on the platform too. You can see an interactive example of one that allows you to click through here.
  6. Revisit 2 Existing Welcome Series. Currently we have a donor and a prospect welcome series created in FY17 that we should revisit and update language and links-wise.
  7. Implement Email Deliverability Audit Recommendations. There are numerous factors that go into making sure an email is delivered to the intended person. Factors that come into play include the sender's email reputation score, which is determined by a number of factors, such as how many emails you send, your complaint rates, your bounce rates, how many times you’ve landed in the spam folder, how many inactive/old addresses you have and more. And if your score is low, that could prevent your emails from making it to donors' inboxes. The addresses that you allow to remain on your house file significantly determine your Sender Reputation and the inbox rates for your email campaigns — which in turn determine open and click rates, which in turn determine revenue. Developing good mailing list hygiene has become one of the most critical requirements for running a successful email marketing program. This current FY Charity Dynamics performed an email deliverability audit for us and we will try to implement as many of the recommendations as we can before July 2018 but we will not get to everything. Therefore, in FY19, we would like to finish implementing all the recommendations. You can learn more about email deliverability here.
  8. A reactivation campaign. An important piece of email deliverability best practices, we would like to do a non-donor and donor reactivation email campaign with the goal of culling our email files of email addresses that no longer want to hear from us. This will help increase our email inbox placement, opens, clicks, and revenue generated per email.
  9. Ability for donors to choose to cover transaction fees. Currently donors using our Luminate donation forms can not choose to cover transaction fees. However, it is something that could be added via custom coding. We may consider the pros and cons of implementing this next FY.
  10. Monthly Reporting. Every month Charity Dynamics reports on key metrics and we would like to continue this into FY19.
  11. Ongoing #BacktoBasics and P2P support. The #BacktoBasics program consists of monthly uploads of data from Classy into Blackbaud and sending out of a donor and fundraiser welcome series. Other ongoing support would be needed as well if we roll it out to more markets. We can also do smaller, "one-off" Classy campaigns as well.