Donate to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Flood waters recede in Houston, but the impact of Hurricane Harvey is going to be felt for years to come. Homes, belongings, even lives — washed away in a historical storm. The Texas community is coming together in the aftermath and your gift can help Volunteers of America as we provide emergency relief and rebuilding assistance to many in this proud city.

We have seven housing locations and two office locations that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. These facilities help to serve veterans, and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These people rely on our support — that’s why donations to Volunteers of America are so vital to caring for this population.

Volunteers of America has served Texas for more than 100 years — we aren’t going to be washed away. We are here for the hard work to come.

Your gift can help today, tomorrow, and in the future as we rebuild lives currently in crisis.

Support the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund today!

Thank you,


Mike King