Helping Homeless Children Celebrate their Birthdays

While we at Volunteers of America help those of all ages and walks of life, children experiencing poverty or homelessness are often the most heart-wrenching. They often were born into their situations, and are also the most powerless to change their lives for the better. These kids lose out on many of the childhood memories that others take for granted.

This is especially true when it comes to birthdays. For families living in a homeless shelter or transitional housing, buying a cake and presents becomes more or less an impossible luxury.

Several years ago, Volunteers of America launched our Brightening Birthdays program to make sure these children have a chance to celebrate and receive the party all youngsters deserve. To date, Volunteers of America has held more than 250 parties in 10 states. More than 1,000 birthday children celebrated with their families, and an additional 4,250 children have enjoyed sharing in the fun at these parties. We are committed to helping families capture or recapture the happiness of being together in celebration, especially when times are tough.

We count on people in communities where these parties are held to make these celebrations a success by volunteering or donating supplies. Don’t let homeless kids miss out on the celebrations most American families experience together. Make a donation or become a fundraiser today and help us brighten more birthdays for children.

Learn more about Brightening Birthdays and find a participating Volunteers of America affiliate.

Thank you,

Mike King