At Every Stage of a Mother's Life, We're There

Senior_Woman_Client_Hugging_Volunteers_of_America_Employee.jpgWhile mothers represent pillars of love and support, we must never forget that often mothers need to be cared for, too. We see this at every level of service we offer at Volunteers of America. Many of our programs for low-income families focus on supporting single mothers with young children who need affordable housing, child care and other help. We know that housing forms the foundation for a successful life. By providing a safe and stable home, we help mothers to focus more time and attention on the care of their children.

Our programs for incarcerated women focus specifically on the relationship between these women and their children. We know that ending the cycle of intergenerational poverty depends in large part on maintaining and strengthening this bond between mother and child and ensuring that family connections don't break down. Not only do children need care while their mothers are incarcerated, but the women need to know that they have a loving, nurturing household waiting for them once they return home. Volunteers of America is a leader nationally for innovative programs that strengthen whole communities by making sure that families affected by maternal incarceration don't fall apart.

For older women, Volunteers of America is one of the leading providers of affordable housing and assisted living for low-income elderly people. After a lifetime spent caring for others, many women unfortunately find themselves alone without the resources available to provide for their own care.

And sometimes, in times of crisis or extreme stress, mothers need additional help to overcome the emotional and spiritual strain created by caregiving. Sometimes caregivers are left with feelings of guilt that they could have done more, especially after being faced with life or death situations … a feeling now identified as "moral injury." Volunteers of America is now in the process of expanding our services to those suffering from moral injuries, including mothers, veterans of war and many others, and identifying innovative ways to integrate moral injury therapy into many of our existing services.

At every stage of a mother's life, we're there to make sure she received the same level of care and support that she provides to her own loved ones. For more information about the ways Volunteers of America serves mothers, their children and families, please visit

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Mike King