2016 Officer's Letter

Inside this annual report, you will find facts and figures reflecting Volunteers of America's successes over the past year. Some numbers may have risen, and others may have fallen, but what you may not see is this—something is happening. And it is happening quietly across the country wherever Volunteers of America serves those most in need. It is amazing! And it stretches the support you give us for helping others, over and over again.

It is happening among the young people like Gabriel, who have been left to deal with life on their own—teens feeling isolated and scared—believing that no one cares. It's happening among seniors like Ed, living day-to-day, alone, struggling to make a choice between paying bills or buying medication while yearning for companionship. It's happening among young mothers like Suzy, who have endured more than their share of pain and obstacles just to keep their children with them. We have seen it among veterans, those who have struggled with substance abuse, people returning from prison, the developmentally disabled, and the homeless.

Each year we witness millions of America's most vulnerable people rise up from the margins with a new perspective, a new hope for what life can mean to them—and to others.

We may walk beside those we serve until they can walk on their own. We may give them the skills and tools they need to succeed, but it is their spirit and their determination that drives them to succeed, and then—we watch them pay it forward. Time and again, the call to help others surfaces within the hearts of those who have been served by Volunteers of America.

We are so grateful for our partnerships with philanthropic organizations like The Home Depot Foundation, CBS EcoMedia, Niagara Bottling, Capital One Foundation, HSBC and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. They bolster our important human services work, challenging us to reach new heights. And we are also so grateful to you, our faithful donors, who help Volunteers of America touch millions of people's lives through your generous giving. It is those people that you supported from your own generous hearts who now are making a difference in the lives of others experiencing the same type of hopelessness and pain they once felt.

Yes, something is happening. And every day that Volunteers of America touches someone's life, that life touches someone else's. The investment you make to Volunteers of America continues to give as others continue to pay it forward.

Thank you for your continued support and God bless you,