2015 Officer's Letter

We never forget the looks on the faces of the people we serve when they come to us—more often than not, weary and heavy-laden. Many in circumstances they cannot control without help. Addiction, aging, natural disaster, the effects of war, incarceration, disabilities, homelessness, poverty, all of these conditions can strip away the independence, dignity and the simple joys of daily living. At Volunteers of America, we don't want to forget the looks of those many thousands of faces, because that is what drives us to work harder to meet the immediate, urgent and long-term needs of America's most vulnerable. We are committed to finding innovative and creative ways to meet people where they are and bring them back into their respective communities where they can thrive once again.

It is a daunting task but, for us, it is also a calling. Our ministry of service continues to provide essential services and opportunities to people of all faiths. For more than a century, Volunteers of America has not only met the immediate needs of Americans living on the margins of society, but also has been able to transform lives through our belief in—and reliance on—God's grace. We are now exploring the effects of moral injury, a term that resonates within our scope of work with those clients who have had to make choices that compromised their moral compass just to survive. With help from above and help from here below, we have partnered to make a positive difference in the lives of millions who suffer.


Lastly, none of what we do happens without the support of people like you, people who have made a commitment to give a "hand up," not a "hand out," to those in need. We, like you, don't believe in temporary solutions to the many challenges associated with poverty and homelessness, but rather in developing permanent solutions that can change people's lives for the good, and forever. Making an investment in Volunteers of America is making an investment in the future of the nation and its citizens. It is making an investment in your own backyard. Your support helped us touch the lives of almost 2 million people this past year, and we are hoping to raise that number exponentially with every donation you make to Volunteers of America each and every year.

Our nation is only as strong as the people who support it. We thank you for your continued generous support, and look forward to reporting out to you next year with even more progress and successes!

God bless you,