2014 Officer's Letter

Our mission to help America’s most vulnerable was realized again this past year through the more than 2 million people Volunteers of America served. We recognize that in today’s world so many things seem uncertain. Every night you watch the news you are reminded of just how uncertain the world really is. And yet, one thing that is certain is that Volunteers of America will be shining a light on America’s most vulnerable in every community it touches nationwide.

Volunteers of America is in the love business, and the light we shine represents God’s love. How we project that love is through our human services ministry, serving people no matter what their circumstances may be. Veterans, seniors, at-risk youth, people with intellectual disabilities, people with physical illness and those with mental illness, homeless individuals, and formerly incarcerated people––truly, we are serving America’s most vulnerable. And they need someone to shine that light.

Homelessness remains the catchall challenge. So many things can lead to homelessness, such as unemployment, PTSD and mental illness, physical disabilities, substance abuse, aging––any of those circumstances can spur a series of events that can lead to homelessness. And yet, it clearly carries a stigma that is undeserved. Volunteers of America leaves that stigma behind. We shine the light on what people in need of housing deserve, and that is a dignified home and an opportunity to rebuild their lives, overcoming the stumbling blocks of life that have hindered their way. We are committed to making safe and affordable housing for every American a reality and hopefully, someday, ending homelessness altogether.

Poverty continues to carry with it the biggest challenge. It tends to repeat itself in families and in circumstances. It is difficult to intervene and break that cycle. Volunteers of America recognizes that you can only break that cycle by matching it up with real economic opportunity. And that is what Volunteers of America’s programming does. Using the love that we share, identifying true opportunities, providing job training and interviewing skills, resume building and education, and restoring self-worth, we provide people in need with a platform for success. In a nation blessed with so much, Volunteers of America––with your support–– fervently works toward everyone sharing in the American dream…a life of personal happiness and material comfort.

We admit that we set the bar high for compassionate care.  All the programs and services we offer enable individuals to come out of the shadows and into the light to be served by the hope, the love and the fulfillment that comes from that light that we shine. The most powerful part of our work in helping America’s most vulnerable is respecting the lives of those we serve as children of God, giving them the respect and opportunity that God would have them have. 

God bless you and thank you for supporting Volunteers of America.