Internship Opportunities

Join Volunteers of America as a summer intern and make a difference in the lives of the 1.5 million people we serve every year!

VOA’s internship program was created with the goal of providing college students meaningful professional experience to accompany their career goals and aspirations while advancing the mission of VOA across the nation. The internship program provides students the opportunity to take on challenging projects to benefit their ambitions and impact the mission.

Our hope is to make this a win-win opportunity for both the students and VOA. Both in-person and remote opportunities are available.


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Saket, Operations Intern

My time at VOA has been nothing short of eminent. VOA has created a magnificent culture where interns can grow without bounds. The flexibility and kindness of all immediate staff made interning at VOA a great experience. Whether it was the support of the IP Team in any project I was willing to take on or the tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom my supervisors were able to pass on to me, I always felt like my growth was first and foremost the priority of everyone around me. Everyone at VOA deeply cares about giving back, a quality I hope to emulate at every crossroad I reach after my time here.

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Mikeysha, DEI Intern

The VOA Intern Team works hard to assure that the intern cohort is gaining a valuable 12-week experience that involves learning team-building skills, opportunities to step into leadership roles, exercising a commitment to assigned tasks, networking with professionals outside of assigned departments and more. Being a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion intern has taught me so much about how VOA has progressed as an organization throughout history and it has shown me how much more work needs to be done to truly achieve DEI within all of VOA’s initiatives nationwide.

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Veronica, Event Planning Intern

Upon arriving at Volunteers of America, I was very nervous. I had no prior experience working in a corporate setting which, made me a bit intimidated by those around me. At first, I thought the work would be difficult and it would take me a while to catch up and understand what was going on. As time went on, I came to realize that I was wrong. My supervisor Teresa was extremely welcoming and taught me the ropes in no time. I remember just within the first day of my internship, many people from the office came up to my desk to introduce themselves to me. This made me feel very welcomed in the building. I learned very quickly that VOA is one big happy diverse family and they are always happy to receive anyone into that family.

View her testimonial here.

Past Internship Highlights

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