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Action Team

A National Youth Volunteer Program


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Major League baseball players and high school students everywhere are inspiring and training the next generation of volunteers.

Step up to the Plate: Volunteer!

Volunteers of America and the Major League Baseball Players Trust have teamed up to encourage high school students to get involved. Youth volunteers, along with Major League baseball players, have formed Action Teams to deliver an important message—volunteering is fun and personally rewarding!

What Is An Action Team?


What is an Action Team?

  • Action Teams are groups of high school students who plan and organize volunteer events in and around their schools. They receive support from Major League baseball players and Volunteers of America to help inspire and encourage others to volunteer.
  • Action Teams work to improve the lives of kids, families and seniors right in their own backyards.
  • Action Teams are at work in more than 100 high schools nationwide, from Maine to Maui and points in-between, as well as in Puerto Rico and Japan!
  • 73,000 high school volunteers have helped more than 229,000 people in their communities.

Why Join the Action Team?

  • Action Team Captains are eligible for college scholarships.
  • Action Team Captains participate in monthly conference calls featuring Major League baseball players.
  • You'll experience satisfaction by helping someone in need.
  • You can learn valuable job skills and important life lessons.
  • It's a way to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • You'll acquire valuable community service experience to include on college applications.

Get in on the action and take a swing at helping others, YOU can make a difference!