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Volunteers of America touches the lives of 2 million people in 400 communities across the United States each year. Since 1896, our highly-trained and dedicated staff, numbered at over 16,000, and volunteer corps have worked, not only to serve those most in need, but also have strived to innovate and transform the way in which these services are delivered. These human service leaders offer a wealth of expertise in their fields, whether it’s providing care and services to low-income seniors, developing and managing affordable housing, finding shelter and services for homeless veterans, or helping those in prison re-build family relationships that lead to successful lives.

Media Inquiries 

We offer a variety of experts who can speak to the issues our organization faces everyday as one of the nation’s largest human service providers. The Volunteers of America communications staff is available to help members of the media understand the work we do and tell the stories of the people we serve. If you are a member of the media, please call (703) 341-5054.  


Change Lives with a Career at Volunteers of America
We are more than a nonprofit organization. We are a ministry of service that includes nearly 16,000 employees with a shared vision of a world where all people live in safety with spiritual fulfillment. Learn why working for us is more than a career - it's a calling to help change and improve lives.
This Is Why We Do What We Do
We always steps forward to help the most vulnerable. For 118 years, we have taken on the most difficult tasks to help the most underserved. View, "This is Why We Do What We Do,™" part of our new awareness-raising campaign.
This is Real
Shot on location near Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles, this 70 seconds of Skid Row in a single take was not staged and shows exactly why we do what we do.
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Success Stories

From Prison to Mentoring the Homeless on Skid Row
After a long-term prison sentence, James is now devoted to his job as a teacher, motivational speaker and mentor for those in a drop-in program at one of our Los Angles homeless shelters. Learn more about his story.
Roxanne's Journey
Listen as Roxanne, a Navy veteran and survivor of Desert Storm, describes the help she received from our Veterans Services Program. With the help from this program, Roxanne is steadily making her way back home.
Mary's Advocate
Mary is an active, vibrant octogenarian who visits the neighborhood Volunteers of America senior center in her community regularly. When Mary is faced with life's problems, she knows she can count on Linda, one of our employees.
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2014 New Releases

Volunteers of America Applauds VA, Congress for $23 million in New Grants to Help Veteran Families Avoid Homelessness
Volunteers of America has been awarded more than $23 million in grants by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as part of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program. The latest funding, which will help the organization provide critical services to more than 10,000 veteran households at risk for homelessness, will be allocated to eight Volunteers of America affiliates serving veterans in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. The new funding comes in addition to the renewal of $25 million in grants announced in August, for a total of $48 million in SSVF funding to Volunteers of America.
Volunteers of America Honors Bruce Western with the Maud Booth Correctional Services Award
Early prison reformer Maud Booth campaigned against abuses in the prison system. From 1896 to Booth’s death in 1948, the Volunteers of America co-founder worked tirelessly – and successfully – at prison reform. Carrying her torch and continuing the legacy more than 100 years later are those honored annually with the Volunteers of America Maud Booth Correctional Services Award. Bruce Western, Professor of Sociology and the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice Policy
Window World of Pittsburgh Partners with Our PA Office to Promote Safe After-School Environments and Healthy Communities
Window World of Pittsburgh has partnered with CBS EcoMedia through its EducationAd program to support our PA office’s All of Us Care program. Window World of Pittsburgh’s funding will support critical program costs, such as educational materials and workshops, that will enable Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania to continue to support more youth in the community and enhance the quality of its program.
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News and Events

Window World of Pittsburgh Partners with Our PA Office to Promote Safe After-School Environments
Window World of Pittsburgh, through it’s association with EcoMedia, will provide funding to support critical program costs that will enable our PA office to continue to support more youth in the community & enhance the quality of its programs.
VA Responds to Audience Questions from Volunteers of America Panel Discussion
Read the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ responses to audience questions raised during “After the Uniform,” a panel discussion on women veterans.
The Home Depot® Foundation Provides $1.795 Million to Provide Homes & Services to Veterans in Need
Building upon a partnership that has helped thousands of veterans, The Home Depot® Foundation has pledged $1.795 million in new grants to our local offices to address the critical housing needs of former service members.
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