Everyone Can Help

We have discovered that everyone has a talent to give. Tapping into people’s skills and knowledge creates a more meaningful experience for the volunteer and those he or she serves. It can be expertise in a certain field to the ability to make others feel assured, cared for and safe. No matter what the talent or gift a volunteer shares with others, it helps to sustain a culture of relationship-building among many groups, including youth, seniors, businesses and other charitable organizations.

Everyone has a talent and a unique perspective and when shared with those in need, it helps to foster positive effects in their community, creating a new dimension in their own lives and the lives they touch.

Featured Program: Michigan's "Adopt-a-Family" Program

Walking into the “Adopt-A-Family” office is sensory overload for me. Twenty phones ringing nonstop, volunteers unpacking donations of clothing & toys, parents waiting their turn to retrieve their Christmas gifts, and volunteers with recipients moving in & out of rooms. A mother calls because she moved from one low-rent apartment to another. Will her sponsor be able to find her? A single father just survived a house fire. Can his kids be adopted for Christmas?