We provide transitional housing for homeless veterans and their families. Comprehensive support services include outreach and assessment, emergency services and case management.

We also offers Transitional Treatment Programs, providing residential therapeutic treatment for veterans recovering from substance use disorders; and special need services for the frail elderly and veterans with mental illness.

Our services for homeless veterans empower them to achieve lasting results. Based on our available outcome data, more than 50 percent of veterans who live in our transitional housing for six months achieve our target outcome of stable, adequate permanent housing and half of those are still in permanent housing after 12 months.

In fact, we serve more than 10,000 homeless veterans annually through housing and services, including:
  • Transitional housing for veterans (grant and per diem programs)
  • Homeless Veterans Re-Integration Programs (employment and training)
  • Permanent supportive housing programs for homeless veterans
  • Service centers
  • Mobile Service Centers
  • Transitional housing programs, licensed as alcohol and drug treatment centers
  • Special needs grants for the chronically mentally ill and frail elderly
  • Incarcerated Veterans Transitional Programs (employment)

"I can breathe again and I know I’m going to be okay.”

Meet Darlene, a female veteran thriving in our Colorado office's Clermont Commons, a group of transitional homes for female veterans that are designed to help them get back on their feet with case management services included. After six years in the Air Force and a computer civilian career, a job she lost in the 2010 recession, Darlene was referred to our Colorado office's veteran programs.

“I was surprised they had a place like this for veterans.”

The Army was supposed to be Miguel’s ticket to college and a life better than the one his immigrant parents have known. Upon enlisting, he was assigned to the cavalry, and not long after basic training, the young man, who still has a boyish grin, was on his way to Iraq. He lost a few close friends, and the memories still haunt him. Learn how Volunteers of America North Louisiana's Transitional Living Program for veterans has helped him.

Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Women Veterans Allows for Self-Sufficiency

Volunteers of America Colorado Branch's transitional housing for female veterans has allowed Jane to show her 6-year old son some sort of normalcy amongst the chaos that was their lives. The house enables Jane to maintain a peace of mind as she attempts to work through her issues with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which she was diagnosed with shortly after her deployment to Iraq.

“This place probably saved my life. I am just so grateful to be alive.”

Jason, a U.S. Army veteran of Desert Storm, says that things didn’t bother him when we first came home but a year later, drugs and alcohol were the only way he could sleep. Learn how the Arthur B. Huot Veterans Housing, located in Saco, Maine and run by Volunteers of America Northern New England, saved his life and how the former chef has now begun his own catering business at the very same Veteran Housing facility that saved his life.