Individuals who are actively abusing drugs and alcohol must be given a safe place to “detox.” This is most often a safe nonmedical environment for withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Following detox a certified drug and alcohol professional uses pretreatment techniques and completes a comprehensive assessment to determine ongoing treatment needs.  Referrals to treatment or follow-up services are provided. 

Featured Program: The Hello House

Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Men, located in Boston, is dedicated to returning men to the community sober, employed and committed to an ongoing recovery process. As a client said about the program, "Every program I had ever been to let me quit on myself. All I had to do was keep rejecting their help and they would give up trying. At other programs I felt the staff didn’t care, but at Hello House it was different.”

Featured Program: Volunteers of America of Utah's Center for Women and Children

In Salt Lake City, Volunteers of America’s Center for Women and Children accepts women and children during the detoxification stage of recovery. "Many women are able to stay on the track to recovery because they want to do right by their children. They want to be good parents," Volunteers of America of Utah President/CEO Kathy Bray says.

Featured Story: Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell’s life spiraled out of control in 2003 when he crashed his automobile, under the influence of drugs, with his 7-year old son in the backseat. No longer able to deny his self-destructive and potentially harmful behavior, Gregory placed Prince in the care of relatives and entered an inpatient program for drug addicted and mentally ill veterans managed by the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.