Continuing a Tradition of Service to Seniors

Volunteers of America is one of the nation's largest nonprofit providers of quality, affordable housing for seniors and a major provider of professional long-term care, including assisted living, home health care and nursing home care.

Support Services for Seniors

Support services include senior centers, transportation, intergenerational programs, information and referral services, protective services, meal programs, handyman repair services and others. Our services and programs promote health and independence for the elderly.

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Volunteers of America Offers the Following Senior Services & Programs

Aging with Options

Aging for seniors can be a complex experience. VOA strives to change this stigma by helping older Americans celebrate the joy of living by creating a sustained and trusted relationship with support systems that allow seniors to age at home.

Affordable Housing

For more than a 100 years, VOA has been a prominent leader in affordable housing. As one of the largest nonprofit developers & providers of affordable housing, we own and operate more than 320 affordable housing properties across 38 US states.

Adult Day Services

This program is designed for seniors who either cannot afford or do not require a full-time nursing facility. This program operates day to day, allowing seniors to live at home.

Long-Term Care

As a major provider of professional long-term nursing care for seniors, we offer services for the elderly that require long-term health support. Choose from one of our 25 health care facilities throughout the United States.

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Learn more about our various programs through the links under "Inside the Section." And to see which services may be offered near you, please use our “Find a Local Office” search or search our services by state, ZIP code or service type.