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The Washington Forrest Foundation recently partnered with Volunteers of America’s Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence to create a place of respite for seniors with special needs. 

Many of the residents at Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence take prescriptions that can that can intensify the effects of the sun’s harmful rays on their skin. Protection from the sun is essential to provide a safe place to enjoy the outdoor courtyard.  Mary Marshall, located in Arlington, Virginia provides homes in a supportive community for low-income people age 55 and older with cognitive, mental health and other special needs. 

After many failed attempts to provide shade using temporary solutions, a grant from The Washington Forrest Foundation provided the final funds needed to build a gazebo.  The gazebo is a perfect solution to give residents a place to relax outdoors with protection from the sun.  The new gazebo is so popular that the residents’ council immediately began scheduling special activities to be held there.