Affordable Housing Initiatives

Volunteers of America: Affordable Housing Initiatives

From its beginnings more than a century ago, Volunteers of America has believed in the power of housing as the foundation for life and is a leader in providing affordable housing.  

  • Volunteers of America is one of the largest nonprofit providers of affordable housing in the country.  We own and operate more 377 affordable housing properties in 40 states and Puerto Rico.  
  • Our nationwide portfolio includes large urban complexes, small rural developments, elderly housing, multifamily housing and housing for those with disabilities. We house more than 25,000 people each year.

Volunteers of America has the expertise to address affordable housing’s many facets — from development and ownership to management and supportive services.

  • Our model pairs strong local relationships and expertise in service delivery with national experience in building design, construction, finance and accounting.
  • We provide centralized asset management for a housing portfolio valued at nearly $500 million.  We extend our position as a leader in property management by offering our services to other organizations on a contract basis.
  • In addition to new development, we leverage financial expertise and strong local connections to acquire, refinance and preserve older developments as affordable housing, setting us apart from others who would rather cash out than restore.
  • We are the largest recipient in the nation of HUD-awarded funding for senior housing and housing for the disabled.

Volunteers of America’s housing program helps people toward independence and self–sufficiency.  We work to rebuild lives as well as homes.

  • Pairing well-run facilities with customized compassionate support services differentiates us in the affordable housing arena. 
  • Our organization looks beyond the financing and acquisition of a property, and addresses the social problems of residents. We bring innovative support to our residents including job training, youth developmental programs, health promotion services, meals, social and recreational activities, mental health services and substance abuse treatments.
  • To us, a home is more than shelter.  It’s the foundation of life.  We guide individuals and families by providing vital support services they need to thrive.

Volunteers of America envisions a country without homelessness and is committed to its work as an advocate to encourage the development and operation of affordable housing nationwide.

  • In testimony before Congress, Volunteers of America has urged increased funding for federal programs that support affordable housing construction in the United States — particularly housing for the elderly. 
  • Volunteers of America is committed to developing or preserving at least 600 additional units of affordable housing each year.  Under our “Coming Back Home” initiative, 1,000 housing units will be created in New Orleans — home of our former headquarters and a city where we have provided assistance to people in need for more than a century.
  • Affordable Housing Finance magazine rated Volunteers of America as the top nonprofit in its “Top 50 Affordable Housing Owners,” and also ranked the organization in the “Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers” and “Top 10 Companies Completing Acquisitions.”


Affordable Housing Helps Rebuild Lives

Jack lives in a Volunteers of America affordable living apartment. It’s a small, one-bedroom with a tidy kitchen, a portable boom box emitting low jazz sounds, and has a small station where his computer is set up where he can compose music and work on grant applications for a foundation for which he volunteers. Every day at about 11:30 a.m. his Meals on Wheels volunteer stops in to deliver his hot meal and they chat about the weather or politics. Jack has truly come far since almost losing everything.