Emergency Shelter

While permanent housing, often coupled with supportive services, is the best way to end homelessness, many individuals and families need short-term stabilization before they can find housing that will meet their long term needs. That’s why Volunteers of America, for over 100 years, has provided emergency assistance to homeless persons.

Featured Program: The Hope House

The day she got out of prison, Lee Ann Winters visited her parole officer - as required. The officer didn’t even raise his eyes to look at her as he indifferently worked on her paperwork in his wrinkled shirt spattered with stains from the Chinese food he had eaten for lunch. Had he looked, he would have seen more than just a graying woman in her fifties who looked much older after years of harsh living on the streets.

Featured Program: Brandon Center and Family Motel

Volunteers of America and the City of Denver have partnered to provide short term housing assistance to homeless individuals and families. Out of necessity, most homeless persons are forced to devote most of their time just to figure out where they will be able to stay on any given night. Lacking any place to make a phone call, leave their personal possessions, or take a shower, they are unable to even think about finding more permanent housing and applying for jobs and/or government benefits.